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Where are my manners at?

So… Being a stay at home mom has had it’s perks! But in doing so I have lost some manners.Awhile back Chris took us to for dinner. Me being the simple one I chose In & Out burger! Man I love my burgers! We were in the middle of eating when I guess I leaned over and totally ripped ass! I didn’t even notice that I had done it tell Chris turned red and looked at me funny.

Then I said “Did I just fart?”

He was like “Yeah!”.


I forgot that when your out in public your not appose to do things like that. Then the funny part was Aidan yelled “Mama pooped!”. I guess that when he poops he lets it rip? Im guessing he thought cause I made that noise I must have pooped in my pants just like he does! Oh man, not only was it loud, but it smelt so bad. It was like a pregnant fart! And only a woman that’s been pregnant can tell you how bad those are. 

Have any of you done anything along those lines?

Spill! I wanna hear your funny stories!

What’s in a family?

What’s in a family?

To me the meaning of “family” is a group of people that you can be yourself around. People who love you unconditionally, no matter what. Lately I’ve been asking myself this question, aren’t those the people that you want around you when things get tough?

Does it really matter if you have a single mom raising her children, a dad and his life partner with their kid(s), or growing up with two moms? There are the families who can’t get pregnant so they adopt or choose to have their babies made in a lab. In all those scenarios the parents love their kids and they deserve a family. A happy family.

I found this on a fellow bloggers site (http://offsprung.com/) and wanted to share it with all of you. It’s an attack against Campbells soup for an add that they ran.

Campbell’s Soup by the American Family Association after the soup company produced a series of ads featuring two lesbian moms that ran in the Advocate. Recently, the AFA has been urging its supporters to find out if their child’s school participates in Campbell’s 30-year-old “Labels for Education” program. Through this program, Campbell’s has donated over $100 million worth of educational equipment and supplies to schools. Schools receive this aid in exchange for labels from Campbell’s products. The AFA suggests that parents should ask schools to stop participating in the program because Campbell’s “openly supports homosexual marriage.” (Never mind that marriage is never mentioned in the ads, and the ads were targeted at an LGBT audience. It shouldn’t even matter if they were in a mainstream publication.)

Really, AFA? Campbell’s is donating money to help schools and you don’t want us to buy Campbell’s products all because of an ad on TV? Maybe the two women were friends? Sisters? Cousins? What is this world coming to when TV ads become justification for hate?

Where babies come from

I’m pretty sure every parent dreads there kids asking,” Where do babies come from?” I know I have been going over the answer to this question in my head since the night I found out I was pregnant. Chris prefers the direct approach, where I like to beat around the bush and make up something funny so my kid looks like a dumb ass out in public if the subject ever comes up. But seriously, Aidan did all the hard work for me on this one. He came up with his own answer. And well… I’m going with what he has to say! Makes sense to me. 

Me: “Aidan do you think Mama and Daddy should have another baby?”

Aidan “Ya!”

Me: “Do you want a sister?”‘

Aidan: “Ya! You going to go get it from Petsmart?”

Hmmm, Petsmart? How did he come up with that? We got out cat Monkey form PetsMart back in October, so I think that’s where he thinks that you go buy family members? To make things even more fun, here’s how our family was formed:

Aidan “Mama, did Daddy get you from Costco?”

Me: “Ya, sure! Daddy likes his women in bulk?”

Aidan “And you got me from Petsmart!”

Me: (very puzzled) “Um? ok.”

Aidan: “And you got Meim (that’s how he says Liam) from Petsmart too!”

Me: “Uh ha!” “Where did Daddy come from?”

Aidan: “Grammy and Poppi’s house!”

So, with that conversation the whole “where do babies come from” question was settled! My kid is a genius! I can’t wait till he starts school and tells the teacher that one!!!

Sick baby

Hey everyone,

Just jotting down a quick note. Liam has pneumonia, so blogging is at a hult till he’s feeling better. He’s only letting me hold, and take care of him. Im only able to write this cause he’s sleeping next to me right now.


Hope every one is doing well!

Go Cards!

Mom cold Vs. Man cold

Mom cold- Cooks dinner for the whole family

Man cold- Wants someone to cook him dinner.

Mom cold- Plays and takes care of kids

Man cold- Sleeps on the couch

Mom cold- Cleans house

Man cold- Lays on couch while mom cleans

Mom cold- Has sex with husband even though she is very sick

Man cold- says he’s to sick to have sex

Mom cold- Waits a week to see a doctor

Man cold- Goes to doctor at the first sniffle


Why do men always have to think they’re sicker than they really are?

It’s more than just a title to me

I’ve had my best friend, “Fluffy”, since I was seven. I’m a month and two days older than her!  We were pretty much forced to play with each other, because we were the only girls on our block. We lived 14 houses away from each other.  We played dolls, barbies, house, dress-up! We climbed trees, made up games, peddle each other on the handle bars of her old fashion pink and flowered bike! We would meet at the light poll every night after dinner in high school. She knows all my dark, dirty secrets. I would put my life in her hands an trust that she would take care of me. I spent the night at her house every weekend. We laid in bed playing truth or dare, and we always pick truth. I loved laying there in her dark room with glowing stars on the ceiling, just talking for hours on end. We would laugh so hard that we would get in trouble for being to loud and waking her parents up!

When I think back, most of the greatest memories I have were when I was with her. We were a team! We always got mistaken for each other. We looked nothing alike. I had blond hair, she brown. I was a little heaver then her and much louder! She was my filter and I was her voice. She was the mac to my cheese! I would give anything to still be that close. Her parent have been part on my life, I strive to be like her mom! Loving, understanding and always kind.

Becoming a mom has been my biggest accomplishment in life! It has mellowed me out. I now love with my whole heart. I see things much more clearly. I now think before I speak, I stop and smell the flowers. But at the same time, when my kids aren’t around, Im still me, that loud crazy girl! It feels like people only see me as a mom, when Im so much more than that!

My bff and I are having somewhat of a falling out. It sucks! I have never in my life felt so much pain and hurt. I would almost rather die than to think that she has found a new bff. I long to just run away and stay with her. I want to just sit on the couch and watch tv and talk. I guess you can’t really call it watching tv then, can you? I want to tell secrets and laugh till my sides hurt. I want to help her plan her wedding. I want to plan the bridal shower, the  bachelorette party. I want to be there to witness her marry her prince charming. It just doesn’t seen that she wants me there next her her when she’s taking these steps?

I don’t know what to do or say? I feel empty, lonely, cold, thrown out, discarded? I wish I had the words to describe what I am feeling. Usually Im not at a loss of words, Maybe its more of a loss of emotions? I just want to take it all back, and just be that girl that was always down the street hanging out and having fun. I want to share colds and clothes again. 

I know life happens. It just seems like it’s happening with out me.



 I love you. I miss you. I want to be that friend that you had before I got pregnant. I hate that we aren’t as close anymore. I’m crying writing this, because I still need you and don’t know how to say it to you. I want to help you plan your wedding. I want to help you pick out your dress, your brides maids dresses, your bouquet, your table toppers, the everything else that goes along with this crazy wedding of yours. I want to see you become a wife, I want to welcome you to hell when you have your first BIG married fight. Because believe it or not. Even though you live together and are practically married you’ll still want to kill him when you fight. I just want to be there to give you a hug and say ” It’ll blow over.”, and if it doesn’t Well, Ill be there to pick up the pieces.

I’m just happy to have had you in my life! Thank you for all the memories!

The curse of Twilight


I may not be the only one who has been ruined by Stephanie Myers and the Twilight series. Some of my friends are having a hard time reading other books and finding them enjoyable. I too am having the same problem. Damnit Myers! Why did you have to make Edward Cullen so sparkly and pale? Oh god, what I could do to Edward if I had 24 hours with that vampire! Hell, I’d take 20 minutes with him! He can break my headboard and un-stuff my pillows anytime!

I mean seriously, I have probably read 30 books since August. To name a few: Multiple Blessings, Things I’ve Learned About My Father In Therapy, Rockabye (the closest I’ve come to a great book since Twilight) and many more that I can’t think of because they now seem mediocre.

I lay in bed, bored at night, because Twilight has ruined my reading life not to mention sex life (just kidding Hon!). And now the book world has nothing to offer me. Nothing, NOTHING!!! This is why I’m declaring that there is a “Twilight curse”. My head can spin so many stories for the 5th book of that saga, but Myers can’t seem to get it together to write a 5th book. She wants to spend time with her family, well I say “You have a ton of money record the book, and have someone else write it.”. If she doesn’t get on the ball and start writing I might just have to start my own book!

Why did she have to create Edward and then not have enough of him to satisfy my reading needs? Why did she have to make a love story so good that I need to find some sort of rehab to go to just to get those books out of my mind? Could I be the only one feeling like this? Are there others that are dealing with this curse as well?

The feeling of emptiness has made me wish that I’d never read the books to begin with. If I could just be stronger, and not need those vampires so much. Oh, how I wish that I could be a vampire. I want to live in Forks, WA. I want pale skins and red eyes and stone cold skin. I want to be a vampire!!!

Today suuuucks…

Have you ever herd your kids call your name in the middle of the night and just ignored their calls? Well, that’s what I did at 5:20 am this morning, and I wish I hadn’t!

Aidan: “MAMA”

Me: (In my head) Ignore him.


Me: Still not going to answer him.

Aidan starts making spitting and choking sounds. So Chris gets up.

Aidan: “Daddy, I barf.”

Chris: “I see that.”

We get him cleaned up. Not 20 minutes later he throws up all over his bedroom floor, so I get that mess all cleaned up. Chris goes and gets him a pan to puke “in just in case“. Guess what? Aidan’s scared of the pan. Wanna know why? It’s black! WTF? He loves black women, but not black pans? He doesn’t mind that I cook in it, but he doesn’t want it in his bed.

Needless to say. It’s only 11:39am, and I feel like I’ve been thrown the ringer.

Side note~ Aidan asked for Mac n’ Cheese for dinner last night. Once I made it he didn’t want it anymore. So I made him sit there and eat half of it. I will NEVER ever make my kids eat if they don’t want to ever again… I know that me making him eat that Mac n’ Cheese is what made him sick. I am so mad at myself for doing that to him.

Back to networking!

My computer has been down for a few day (4 to be exact). It’s been nice playing with the kids, watching tons of TV and doing laundry. I got to cetch up on things that I have been neglecting all year long! Haha! Really it’s only been about 4 days! But still! I had some blogs stored up, and set to release till the fourth of January. Thank havens for scheduling things ahead of time!

So, now its back to the daily grind! I, however love networking! It gives me a reason to read, and we all know how much I love to read! No, but really, I do about 3 to 4 hours of networking a day right now. It’s a lot of work, hard work. But to me it’s all worth it. My goal is to be one of those Mommy bloggers that people will talk about. Well, even to just have my name googled, and my blog pop up would be enough! To me starting this bog was a way for family to keep tabs on us, but now it’s tuning in to so much more!

Eventually, I’d like to get paid for putting my life under the microscope.  I know that the only way to get there is to work hard and keep blogging. Even when laundry piles up, and my husband needs to get laid! 

Hi-ho-hi-ho it’s off to typing I go!!!

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