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Good Bye 2008

In 2008 I;

Kissed my husband, and screamed happy new year.

Peed on a pregnancy stick. It was negative!

Found out my youngest son was gluten intolerant.  Changed his diet.

Started bonding with my youngest cause he was feeling better.

Read four of the best books ever. The Twilight sagua! Duh!!!

Decided that I dont believe in shots for my kids, but do it cause I want them to live.

Talked to an old boyfriend. Relized how much better off I am without him.

Fell in love with mu husband all over again.

Decied that we were not a dog family. Went and bought a cat.

Named the cat Monkey.

Watched my 3 year old turn into Satin. 3 is worse than 2.

Started blogging.

I am truely blessed!



My giddy sister!

My sister and I are very close! She lives just a few blocks away from us! Because if those two things, I’ve become pretty good at reading her.

Well, we’ve all been looking for a boyfriend for her. She hasn’t had one in quite sometime now. And it finely happened! Not the boyfriend part, but the dating that could lead to one!

A few weeks back one of her patient’s (she’s a RN) set a med student and her up, and they finely went on a date last night! YA! It went so well that he called her tonight while we were having dinner (she eats here often) and to ask her to go out again tomorrow, for New Years! They will probably kiss! 

Im super excited for her, she was all giddy about it when he called. She never gets like that over guys… She had a grin that went from ear to ear!

The only down side is… He’s a PUKE! Yes, he went to Arcadia High School. Boooo

A letter to myself

Dear Fat-ass,

Yes, you, the one sitting there in front of the Macbook, writing this blog instead of going to the gym. You, the one that would rather watch TV in stead of going for a walk. You, the one that loves lays chips with cheese on top. You, the lady that drinks coke like it’s going out of style!

You’re no longer carrying baby weight. It’s been 3 years since you had Aidan, and almost 2 since Liam. You are officially fat. And its time to do something about it.

I’m not trying to be mean, just honest. You complain all the time about not fitting into your clothes comfortably. Its time to regain you closet, and start looking like the MILF you are! You saved all the pre-baby cloths. They’re in a bag on the top shelf of the closet. Or, what about all those clothes you brought last February? They’re sitting in your closet as well.

So here’s to you. There is a curves across the street. Join it! Set your self free!



New TV!

As many of you may know I am a huge TV buff! I can’t get enough of it! Thank god Im a stay at home mom, cause I get to watch it all day (wel,l more like glance at it)! And what I can’t watch my DVR catches, and I watch it once the boys go to bed. Man, I really love the person that invented the DRV (bet it was a woman that hated missing her shows)!

Back in October the TV in our bedroom went out. At least we thought it did. One day it just stopped working, then last week Chris was messing around with it and got it to work again! Ya, cause I love laying in bed at night watch Jay and Conan!

Every Sunday we do dinner with my in-laws! We didn’t have a chance to go to their house on Christmas to open presents, so we did it tonight! After dinner Chris was called into the kitchen, then a few minutes later I was. Much to my surprise there was a brand new 20″ flat screen sitting on the floor for us! YA! My husbands parents know what’s important to me in life, my TV’s!

We got it home, hooked it up and got the 2nd DVR ( yes, we have 2 DVR’s) and now I am perched on my bed watching TV and blogging!

My life is pretty much perfect!

Smilin’ and winkin’

Our car has been in desperate need of an oil change for quite some time now. Chris had to work today, so he left the task of the oil change up to me!

I haven’t ever gone and had an oil change done myself. I know that sounds pathetic, Im 26 and never changed the oil myself. But my dad and brother always took care of that. Then when Chris came along he started doing it for me!

Ok, to back to the task at hand! I dropped the boys off at my mother in laws, and proceeded to go to Jiffy Lube. I get there and right away a guy come up to the car, helps me out, takes my keys and walks me to the lobby!

Who know that some winkin’ and smilin’ would get you a $90.00 oil change?

Not me!

But it did!

I walked out of Jiffy lube with a $90.00 bill, all cause the guy flirted with me a little!

God Im a sucker…

Pillow talk

I lay here in my freshly laundered bed sheets, frustrated that I’m having yet another sleepless night. This is something that is far to common in my life since I had Liam. I don’t know if it is the anxiety that is keeping my up? Or maybe the million things that I should have done today that I didn’t have the time to do? Either way, it’s both a blessing and a curse.

As a lay here, I am in awe at how beautiful my husband is to me. He is the greatest man I know next to my dad and grandfathers. He gets up and goes to work everyday to provide for our boys and I. Wait rewind, I should say that he works two jobs. A day job as a manager at a well known bank, and then he has a weekend night job as a limo driver. He does all this because he knows that having me home with our boys is what is best for them right now. Did I mention that he does all this without a single complaint? Hardly ever do I hear him complain about his job(s). He loves going to work, and helping people! He really loves walking in the door from a long days work to be greeted by an over stressed wife and two eager little men who just want to snuggle their daddy.

I sit here writing this, and as I do so I look over at how peaceful he looks when he sleeps. I know that karma was looking out for me when Chris walked into my life! He is the glue to our family. We stand committed to each other even when times get rough. He’s never strayed, he’s never spiteful, or mean. Sometime he’s grumpy, but who isn’t? Chris has the biggest heart!

Might I add that he has the greatest family! They are all so loving and supportive! When I think about them it brings tears of joy to my eyes. Never have I met such and understanding and excepting family. Im am very honored to have taken there last name.

I just wanted all my readers to know how happy I am with my husband laying here asleep next to me, and our 2 boys asleep in the next room over. 

Yes, he does bug me from time to time. But generally I feel very lucky that I get to call him MY husband!

Now, maybe with all this said and out in the open I can fall asleep?

Yeah! The maddness is over!

I took yesterday off from blogging! I know I said “Thirty blogs in thirty days”, but I have  a slight feeling that the blogisphear might understand that yesterday was Christmas.

It’s been a very calm day around here so I thought I share the few funny things that happened around our house today!

Aidan hasn’t been feeling too well. Sad I know, but its kinda nice to have him lay around on the couch all day. He woke up around 2 am this morning with a “crying nose”. Which is his version of  a runny nose. That kid just cracks me up. Then when he woke up I told him “Good morning baby boy, I love you very much! You know that?” “Yes Mama! It’s cause you got me at PetSmart!”. Um? Not really? But if thats what helps yo cope with this crazy and scary world, then Ill let you think that!

Making our own traditions!

This is the first year without my Gramma. And boy is it tough! My Gramma was the glue to our family. Everyone always gathered around her. I know that her passing is a blessing, because she isn’t sick and suffering anymore. But at the same time, to not be with her in our family house is hard. Tonight wasn’t what I remember Christmas being like, or even feeling like. It didn’t even smell or taste like Christmas.

We spent tonight with my Mama, the boys Gramma! Ya! That’s the way I need to look at it! My boys have their Gramma now to start a Christmas tradition with! To see the joy on her face as they open the presents she got them made me so happy! Aidan even let out a huge squeal when he realized that the biggest present was for him! This is how I need to remember Christmas.

I really don’t have to much to say tonight. My heart is hurting from the emptiness from my Gramma not being here!

I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas!

I am s thankful for everyone that is in my life right now!

May peace be with you!

A little of this, a little of that, and stuff like that.

I have a ton of things running through my mind right now, so I’m just going to ramble tonight! YA!!! I know very exciting!

First off, I joined NaBloPoMo! That means 30 blogs in 30 days! Its going to be a challenge, but I know I can do it!

Second. It’s stinkin cold outside right now… It’s 47* out right now, and it feels like -30* to me. I’m such a wimp when it comes to cold weather. How do the people who live where it snows survive? They all deserve a trophy for handling the snow! Ugh, just thinking of snow makes me shiver.

Third. My kids are acting like assholes. Don’t call CPS. You all know you’ve seen a kid or two act that way too! We have been super busy the past week. So between being tired and only eating cookies (seems like everyone thinks thats what you hand a crying kid.), they are little terrors. I can’t wait for the holidays to be over! It’s sad that I feel this way. But to me its more important to be on a schedule and be eating healthy, than to run around to see everyone in a week and eat nothing but junk.

Forth. My freaking cat Monkey… Ok, so maybe its just my cat? But Monkey like to be in the bath tub when I shower, he doesn’t mind baths at all. Actually he gets one every Sunday night!  He like when I brush and trim his nails. He like a person! Here’s the cheery on the Sunday! He sleeps on my chest at night, if he isn’t on top of me he’s on my pillow. And he hates, I mean hates when Chris try’s to snuggles me or try’s to kiss me. 

And fifth, five, I plead the fifth. Im thinking about taking a creative writing class! Which is a big step for me. I hate leaving the house. I really don’t like to be out where there are a lots of people sharing a common area. Because that means there are germs, lots and lots of germs. God I hate germs! But I know that I really need to take it if I want to be a good blogger. One of my life goals is to write a book, so yeah. I need this class, and probably some english classes as well.

Sixth. T, can I fly you out here for a week? You have been such a godsend to me with this whole blogging project I’ve taken on! I need you to teach me all your bloggy tricks. All go buy all the tater tots you and Tater can handle! Plus Monkeys litter box isn’t in the bathroom so you can take a good smelling bath!

I think thats all I have to say for today! If you have any questions for me, please just ask! It will probably help me out a lot, seeing that I have to do 30 in 30!

To blog or not to blog? That is the question.

I have been wanting to be a mommy blogger for quite some time. My BFF T helped by referring me to wordpress! I was super stoked that I was finely starting to do something that was for me! Just me!

After my first post I sent out a text message and an email to let my friends and family know that if they wanted to keep tab’s on us this was a good way to do so. I got a lot of “way to go” reponces! Then I got the dreaded “Sometimes somethings are better left in a journal”. Really? How could you say that? Do you know how much courage it takes to actually put yourself and your life out there for the world to read? My decision is to keep on blogging!

Now, I wont be mentioning names here with out a “blog blessing”. 

I do know that I don’t have a filter, and my blog topics may piss some people off. But thats me. Even in person Im like this. If you don’t like it don’t read it. Im not forcing anyone to read my posting.

Wooo! Now that I got that off my chest. 

Nancy Grace really erks me. She has been covering this Caylee Anthony case forever… Yes, it does suck that this sweet, beautiful little girl went missing, and it blows big blue balls that they found her dead body. But you know what? There are thousands of other kids out there that are missing right now… Why isn’t she plastering their photos up and hooting and hollering about them? What’s her fascination with Caylee? Kinda comes across and weird to me.

Just a final note.

It winter… Its been raining off and on for 2 weeks now and I hate it. Its cold and wet. You cant go outside and play. Wait! You don’t want to go outside and play. At least it will feel like christmas this year with it being cold. I just wish my Gramma was still here so that my whole family would come together as a whole just one more time. I’m a family girl, and I want my boys to grow up around family!


Have a Happy Holidays!

Thank you so much for your support!

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