A little of this, a little of that, and stuff like that.

I have a ton of things running through my mind right now, so I’m just going to ramble tonight! YA!!! I know very exciting!

First off, I joined NaBloPoMo! That means 30 blogs in 30 days! Its going to be a challenge, but I know I can do it!

Second. It’s stinkin cold outside right now… It’s 47* out right now, and it feels like -30* to me. I’m such a wimp when it comes to cold weather. How do the people who live where it snows survive? They all deserve a trophy for handling the snow! Ugh, just thinking of snow makes me shiver.

Third. My kids are acting like assholes. Don’t call CPS. You all know you’ve seen a kid or two act that way too! We have been super busy the past week. So between being tired and only eating cookies (seems like everyone thinks thats what you hand a crying kid.), they are little terrors. I can’t wait for the holidays to be over! It’s sad that I feel this way. But to me its more important to be on a schedule and be eating healthy, than to run around to see everyone in a week and eat nothing but junk.

Forth. My freaking cat Monkey… Ok, so maybe its just my cat? But Monkey like to be in the bath tub when I shower, he doesn’t mind baths at all. Actually he gets one every Sunday night!  He like when I brush and trim his nails. He like a person! Here’s the cheery on the Sunday! He sleeps on my chest at night, if he isn’t on top of me he’s on my pillow. And he hates, I mean hates when Chris try’s to snuggles me or try’s to kiss me. 

And fifth, five, I plead the fifth. Im thinking about taking a creative writing class! Which is a big step for me. I hate leaving the house. I really don’t like to be out where there are a lots of people sharing a common area. Because that means there are germs, lots and lots of germs. God I hate germs! But I know that I really need to take it if I want to be a good blogger. One of my life goals is to write a book, so yeah. I need this class, and probably some english classes as well.

Sixth. T, can I fly you out here for a week? You have been such a godsend to me with this whole blogging project I’ve taken on! I need you to teach me all your bloggy tricks. All go buy all the tater tots you and Tater can handle! Plus Monkeys litter box isn’t in the bathroom so you can take a good smelling bath!

I think thats all I have to say for today! If you have any questions for me, please just ask! It will probably help me out a lot, seeing that I have to do 30 in 30!



  1. talinan Said:

    Yay for 30 blogs in 30 days! You rock and I know you can do it.

    As you start out just write what you feel and don’t be too hard on yourself about the type of writing you do. As you do it more and read more of other’s work your writing will really improve. Mine has!

    Take that class if you really want to! I want to take a cake decorating class or a pastry class… Someday I will.

    Back in the day I wrote a post about how to improve your blogging skills… I’ll find it and post the link here for you!

    BAsically just reading and commenting will grow your blog’s readership a ton, yeah it is lots of work but it is also rewarding in it’s own way…

    Love you! Now go slap the next person who gives your kid a cookie just to shut them up. Sheesh, people these days… ;-P

  2. talinan Said:

    Check out this post about comments and the i-reply movement:

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