Making our own traditions!

This is the first year without my Gramma. And boy is it tough! My Gramma was the glue to our family. Everyone always gathered around her. I know that her passing is a blessing, because she isn’t sick and suffering anymore. But at the same time, to not be with her in our family house is hard. Tonight wasn’t what I remember Christmas being like, or even feeling like. It didn’t even smell or taste like Christmas.

We spent tonight with my Mama, the boys Gramma! Ya! That’s the way I need to look at it! My boys have their Gramma now to start a Christmas tradition with! To see the joy on her face as they open the presents she got them made me so happy! Aidan even let out a huge squeal when he realized that the biggest present was for him! This is how I need to remember Christmas.

I really don’t have to much to say tonight. My heart is hurting from the emptiness from my Gramma not being here!

I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas!

I am s thankful for everyone that is in my life right now!

May peace be with you!


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  1. Talina Said:

    As the years pass being away from (or loosing) the ones who make it special for you is hard.

    N and I are spending the morning together then he rushes off to work. All our family is in Arizona doing the holidays as usual gathering and having a blast without us. It is sad and hard but making your own new traditions is the way to get through it.

    When one thing ends you must begin another. Hugs, I love you and hope you are having a great day babe!

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