Yeah! The maddness is over!

I took yesterday off from blogging! I know I said “Thirty blogs in thirty days”, but I have  a slight feeling that the blogisphear might understand that yesterday was Christmas.

It’s been a very calm day around here so I thought I share the few funny things that happened around our house today!

Aidan hasn’t been feeling too well. Sad I know, but its kinda nice to have him lay around on the couch all day. He woke up around 2 am this morning with a “crying nose”. Which is his version of  a runny nose. That kid just cracks me up. Then when he woke up I told him “Good morning baby boy, I love you very much! You know that?” “Yes Mama! It’s cause you got me at PetSmart!”. Um? Not really? But if thats what helps yo cope with this crazy and scary world, then Ill let you think that!


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