Pillow talk

I lay here in my freshly laundered bed sheets, frustrated that I’m having yet another sleepless night. This is something that is far to common in my life since I had Liam. I don’t know if it is the anxiety that is keeping my up? Or maybe the million things that I should have done today that I didn’t have the time to do? Either way, it’s both a blessing and a curse.

As a lay here, I am in awe at how beautiful my husband is to me. He is the greatest man I know next to my dad and grandfathers. He gets up and goes to work everyday to provide for our boys and I. Wait rewind, I should say that he works two jobs. A day job as a manager at a well known bank, and then he has a weekend night job as a limo driver. He does all this because he knows that having me home with our boys is what is best for them right now. Did I mention that he does all this without a single complaint? Hardly ever do I hear him complain about his job(s). He loves going to work, and helping people! He really loves walking in the door from a long days work to be greeted by an over stressed wife and two eager little men who just want to snuggle their daddy.

I sit here writing this, and as I do so I look over at how peaceful he looks when he sleeps. I know that karma was looking out for me when Chris walked into my life! He is the glue to our family. We stand committed to each other even when times get rough. He’s never strayed, he’s never spiteful, or mean. Sometime he’s grumpy, but who isn’t? Chris has the biggest heart!

Might I add that he has the greatest family! They are all so loving and supportive! When I think about them it brings tears of joy to my eyes. Never have I met such and understanding and excepting family. Im am very honored to have taken there last name.

I just wanted all my readers to know how happy I am with my husband laying here asleep next to me, and our 2 boys asleep in the next room over. 

Yes, he does bug me from time to time. But generally I feel very lucky that I get to call him MY husband!

Now, maybe with all this said and out in the open I can fall asleep?



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  2. mama mccarthy Said:

    We love you Krystal. Thanks for your blog 🙂

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