Smilin’ and winkin’

Our car has been in desperate need of an oil change for quite some time now. Chris had to work today, so he left the task of the oil change up to me!

I haven’t ever gone and had an oil change done myself. I know that sounds pathetic, Im 26 and never changed the oil myself. But my dad and brother always took care of that. Then when Chris came along he started doing it for me!

Ok, to back to the task at hand! I dropped the boys off at my mother in laws, and proceeded to go to Jiffy Lube. I get there and right away a guy come up to the car, helps me out, takes my keys and walks me to the lobby!

Who know that some winkin’ and smilin’ would get you a $90.00 oil change?

Not me!

But it did!

I walked out of Jiffy lube with a $90.00 bill, all cause the guy flirted with me a little!

God Im a sucker…


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  1. Heidi Said:

    WHAT THE HELL?!??!?! I would beat you!

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