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And the sun comes up… Again!

Aidan is now sleeping in a big boy bed. And with this has stemmed a whole new set of bed time problems. We put him to bed at 8, at 8:30 he screams hungry, 9 we put him back to bed after his snack. We then pray that he stays there till morning! He knows that he can’t get out of bed until the sun comes up.

Today it was pretty cloudy so he got kind of confused. He knew it was morning, but couldn’t see the sun. So around 7:30am he came and climbed into bed with me. Here’s how our morning went.

Aidan: “Mama, I woke up!”

Me: “Ug… The sun’s not awake yet.”

Aidan: “Can I snuggle with you?”

Me: “Sure.”

Aidan climes into bed next to me. I finely drift back off to sleep.

Aidan: “G’ Norning Mama! The sun woke up!”

Me: “Huh?”

Aidan: “Lets go play!”

Only a kid can hit the floor running.


I really do believe I am Sammi Brady. Yes, I’m still taking my crazy meds!

Oh gosh, where do I begin? Being a stay at home mom has made me lose my mind. Between waking up at all hours of the night to find binks for Aidan, and having to carrie around a stinky baby (thats what Liam calls his blanket) everywhere I go. Those two things could drive a woman mad in a matter of days! Don’t get me wrong I love being a mom, but something has to give.

And that thing was my mind… Dun, dun, dunnnnn!

As many of you may know “Days Of Our Lives” is my all time favorite tv show. So to help me live through my day I have been pretending to be Sammi Brady. Wow! That makes me sound really pathetic. Doesn’t it?

But think about it! I have turned Liam’s baby into the crazy guy thats looking to kill Sammi right now (thats why she’s in the witness protection program). I try to hide from that stinky blanket, and when it catches up to me, I throw it into the washer! Chris is EJ Demera, although he isn’t really cheating on me. I like to think of him going to work, is him cheating on me! Plus On the show Sammi has two kids, hey I do too!

There is so much else I can spin into a story to fit my life. I like to sit and think of stuff like this when I cant sleep, hoping that it will bore me to sleep! It never does!

Beans and weiners

Has anyone ever notice the fascination that boys have with their junk? I don’t know if its genetic or not?  Chris holds his as if it might get up and run off. Aidan thinks it’s ok to play with his till he says “Look my wiener is big!”. I just roll my eyes at him and say “Boy you’re going to make your fingers turn green if you keep doing that.” And guess what? Liam didn’t even know that he had a set till the other night. We were getting ready to give them a bath, and we were all standing in the bathroom when Liam looked at Aidan and said “Balls!”. Wow, he’s quite a genius! Then Chris had this bright idea to tell him he had his own pair! Oh man Liam got so excited!
I just don’t get it what is so special about playing with your self all day? Maybe cause I don’t do it? I don’t know, but there are far better things to do with my hands than keep them down my pants for the better part of the day (and night for that matter).

Does anyone else have this problem with their boyfriend, husband or little boys?



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