Good underwear are hard to come by.

Am I right about this lady’s? To me its hard to find underwear that don’t “ride” when I walk. I’m a simple girl, with pretty simple panty expectations. In high school, and for a few years after I graduated I only wore thongs. Yes, to me it did matter what guys saw when I bent over. Just that little bit of string was enough to drive there imaginations crazy. Plus there was that song Sysco sang, “That thong, th, th, th, thoooonnnnnngg!” (The Thong Song). I have to admit that song was the reason I started wearing them in the first place!

When I started to work for Wells Fargo in 2004 I stopped wearing them cause I felt weird having such sexy underwear on, and being dressing up so business like. So now I am a Hanes girl! I just couldn’t go back to the thong after having to kids climb out of my “down under”. I have noticed that it takes me buying a couple packs to find one good pair. It’s almost like a conspiracy with the underwear makers. They need to sell more, to make lots of money. And lets face it. You don’t really have to buy them that often. So in return they put millions of duddy underwear out on the shelves so that we buy them, only to realize that they are so uncomfortable that we have to go get new pack to see if those ones will fit any better.

The only reason I’m even bringing this up is cause tonight after I got out of the shower I had to try two different pairs on before I found a pair that felt right. And guess what? The pair that I have on I had before Aidan was even born. They were bright pink, but now their a dull pink color. There is holes all over them, but they don’t give me wedgies, so I don’t care!

Oh lord, don’t even get me started on a good fitting bra!

Have any of you experience these problems, or anything like them?




  1. talinan Said:

    Yep, I am right there with ya! I get new undies but I also refuse to throw the old ones away for this very same reason! The old ratty ones seem to be the ones that are the most comfortable.

    Oh and I only wear a thong when I have on yoga pants or some other clothing item that shows my underwear lines, otherwise I too am a hanes girl.

    Amazingly I just found a bra at Victoria’s Secret that holds my boobs and doesn’t make hurt me. The IPEX bra!

  2. Memarie Lane Said:

    I started wearing thongs because my work uniform was transparent and grannies just looked wrong. Thongs gave a better silhouette. But now, the grannier the better. The ones I hate are the “boy short” ones, they ride up worse than g-strings!

    For bras you MUST have a professional fitting. I did a couple years ago and it made such a huge difference that I about weep when I think of all those years of wasted boobage.

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