Ya, I fixed the toilet!

I truly am the lady of the house! Really, I am! There are three human males, one male cat, and one male beta fish. You would think that with all the wieners in my house things would get fixed. NOOOOOOOO! Nothing gets fixed around here unless I do it.

I have a semi-photographic memory. I don’t even know if that’s a word? But basically if I take something apart I can usually fix it and put it back together better than new! The dishwasher, garbage disposal, vacuums, my DVR box, and tonight the toilet.

Our toilet upstairs hasn’t been flushing right since before halloween. Well my friends, I took the tank apart and now it’s flushing like it’s never flushed before! Actually, probably better than before. It has more wooossshhhh than a movie theater bathroom.

I was so stinkin’ happy that I got it to flush right I screamed and did a happy dance around the bathroom! Then I had to call Chris up to rub it in that I can fix things, and he cant! Nener nener!!!

So? How much do you think I could get paid to fix toilets? Maybe, just maybe, I could make a living doing that? Or not… I dont think I’d like seeing other peoples poop. 



  1. talinan Said:

    Did you hang out your crack while fixing it? I think that is a requirement for being a toilet fixer… ;-P

  2. Sarah Said:

    is this what happens when you marry a mccarthy???

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