Oh snap!

My Mac took a crap…  That bastard cat of mine, Monkey, chewed on the power cord. Well, we all know what happends when you can’t charge your computer. You cant blog! Sad…

I am planning on getting a new one from the Apple store within the next few days!

I be back to blogging in no time!!!



  1. talinan Said:

    That stinks! Gabby (our kitten) tries to chew my Mac cord! While you are at the Mac store will you see if they sell replacement casings for the Macbook? Mine is cracking where the closed lit touches the writs rest 😦

    We don’t have a Mac store near us…

    • Krystal Morehead-McCarthy Said:

      You guys dont have an Apple store? That sucks! Sure I will look, hopefully tomorrow Chris can get away from work early and we can go there! Im hoping to trade in my Nano and get a new one!

  2. kay55 Said:

    NJICE BLOG! MAcs suck 😦

  3. talinan Said:

    I just got your message, we had a long sleepless night last night (freezing rain and crap) so I was sleeping in. I am sure you are home from the store now, no worries… Thanks for trying to look for me though!

    Yeah we don’t have an apple store here, there is one 3 hours to the north of us in Indianapolis. We will probably go to an apple store in Nashville, TN this weekend when we are out that direction seeing The Farm midwives.

    I am hoping they will replace the casing on my MacBook it is cracked where the lid touches the wrist rest on both sides and I have no idea how it got that way.

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