Back to networking!

My computer has been down for a few day (4 to be exact). It’s been nice playing with the kids, watching tons of TV and doing laundry. I got to cetch up on things that I have been neglecting all year long! Haha! Really it’s only been about 4 days! But still! I had some blogs stored up, and set to release till the fourth of January. Thank havens for scheduling things ahead of time!

So, now its back to the daily grind! I, however love networking! It gives me a reason to read, and we all know how much I love to read! No, but really, I do about 3 to 4 hours of networking a day right now. It’s a lot of work, hard work. But to me it’s all worth it. My goal is to be one of those Mommy bloggers that people will talk about. Well, even to just have my name googled, and my blog pop up would be enough! To me starting this bog was a way for family to keep tabs on us, but now it’s tuning in to so much more!

Eventually, I’d like to get paid for putting my life under the microscope.  I know that the only way to get there is to work hard and keep blogging. Even when laundry piles up, and my husband needs to get laid! 

Hi-ho-hi-ho it’s off to typing I go!!!



  1. talinan Said:

    LOL, those dang needy husbands! Glad you got stuff done and got your Mac all juiced up again and ready for more blogging fun.

  2. Ronnica Said:

    I love getting to know people and their lives through blogs. Sometimes I wonder if my fascination with reading blogs is like a modern-day soap fix, but I hope it’s more than that. These are real people, right?

  3. Memarie Lane Said:

    I once had similar lofty goals, except I didn’t want to be considered a Mommy Blogger. But boy is that networking hard. It sucks the soul out of you. And just when you think you’ve got a handle on it they come out with some new essential networking tool. Blah. Maybe I’m just not the networking type.

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