Today suuuucks…

Have you ever herd your kids call your name in the middle of the night and just ignored their calls? Well, that’s what I did at 5:20 am this morning, and I wish I hadn’t!

Aidan: “MAMA”

Me: (In my head) Ignore him.


Me: Still not going to answer him.

Aidan starts making spitting and choking sounds. So Chris gets up.

Aidan: “Daddy, I barf.”

Chris: “I see that.”

We get him cleaned up. Not 20 minutes later he throws up all over his bedroom floor, so I get that mess all cleaned up. Chris goes and gets him a pan to puke “in just in case“. Guess what? Aidan’s scared of the pan. Wanna know why? It’s black! WTF? He loves black women, but not black pans? He doesn’t mind that I cook in it, but he doesn’t want it in his bed.

Needless to say. It’s only 11:39am, and I feel like I’ve been thrown the ringer.

Side note~ Aidan asked for Mac n’ Cheese for dinner last night. Once I made it he didn’t want it anymore. So I made him sit there and eat half of it. I will NEVER ever make my kids eat if they don’t want to ever again… I know that me making him eat that Mac n’ Cheese is what made him sick. I am so mad at myself for doing that to him.



  1. Heidi Said:

    A of all… get sick and puke and as often as we have to coax him to eat dont say you wont EVER make him eat when he says he doesnt want to is a strech. He will look annorexic in no time if you dont force him to eat!!! Although my Mom would totally tell you that she had to beg me to eat most of my life and look how I turned out!!! LOL!

    B of all….barf sucks and I feel soooo bad for my nephew!!!!

    C of all…so glad your back to blogging!

  2. talinan Said:

    He probably began to have slight tummy weirdness last night and that is what made him not want to eat. A bug is going around, somehow I got it and I never leave the house!

    I agree with Heidi. Full tummy or not you barf when you need to… Don’t beat yourself up about it. I do think the “Daddy, I barf.” part is so cute, though I am sure the actual barf was not.

    Hugs, sorry about the day! At least you didn’t have your OBGYN belittle about your weight, mine did just that today- The bitch!

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