The curse of Twilight


I may not be the only one who has been ruined by Stephanie Myers and the Twilight series. Some of my friends are having a hard time reading other books and finding them enjoyable. I too am having the same problem. Damnit Myers! Why did you have to make Edward Cullen so sparkly and pale? Oh god, what I could do to Edward if I had 24 hours with that vampire! Hell, I’d take 20 minutes with him! He can break my headboard and un-stuff my pillows anytime!

I mean seriously, I have probably read 30 books since August. To name a few: Multiple Blessings, Things I’ve Learned About My Father In Therapy, Rockabye (the closest I’ve come to a great book since Twilight) and many more that I can’t think of because they now seem mediocre.

I lay in bed, bored at night, because Twilight has ruined my reading life not to mention sex life (just kidding Hon!). And now the book world has nothing to offer me. Nothing, NOTHING!!! This is why I’m declaring that there is a “Twilight curse”. My head can spin so many stories for the 5th book of that saga, but Myers can’t seem to get it together to write a 5th book. She wants to spend time with her family, well I say “You have a ton of money record the book, and have someone else write it.”. If she doesn’t get on the ball and start writing I might just have to start my own book!

Why did she have to create Edward and then not have enough of him to satisfy my reading needs? Why did she have to make a love story so good that I need to find some sort of rehab to go to just to get those books out of my mind? Could I be the only one feeling like this? Are there others that are dealing with this curse as well?

The feeling of emptiness has made me wish that I’d never read the books to begin with. If I could just be stronger, and not need those vampires so much. Oh, how I wish that I could be a vampire. I want to live in Forks, WA. I want pale skins and red eyes and stone cold skin. I want to be a vampire!!!



  1. Heidi Said:

    Have you read her other book? The Host? Im thinking about getting it. I asked for it for my birthday but as of yet have not received it (still need to do birthday with Dad and InLaws). Im really hoping it gives me my fix. I started Things I Learned from My Dad last night and it was pretty good. Although I was a bit taken back at all the spelling errors! Did you notice them? I mean, by no means am I an excellent speller but some things really shot out at me. Weird. Anyhow…love the blogs.,..keep em’ coming!

  2. Memarie Lane Said:

    If it helps at all I just reread Twilight and it sucked the second time around. You might try Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series. They aren’t linear, you can pick it up with any of the books. They’re extremely well written, funny, relevant, philisophical, AND there are vampires. I can’t recommend them highly enough.

  3. talinan Said:

    I’ve not read her books and am not sure I will. I don’t want to be all addicted like you…

  4. Liz Said:

    I’m almost finished with Eclipse. I’m prolonging it, knowing that the feeling of emptiness will wash over me once I turn the last page of Breaking Dawn.

  5. SherE1 Said:

    Twilight curse, indeed! I turned my best friend on to the series and she was so addicted that I was starting to actually feel guilty for introducing her to the books. Seriously, it was getting WAY out of hand. So I turned her on to the OUTLANDER series by Diana Gabaldon. It’s helped her move on. She’s smitten by Jamie Fraser now. =) And as an aside, her sex life has improved a GREAT DEAL, as well. Her husband is ever so thankful to me (haha!)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting, BTW! I really suck at keeping up with my blog reader so you will find me occasionally commenting on old posts like this (hehe).

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