Mom cold Vs. Man cold

Mom cold- Cooks dinner for the whole family

Man cold- Wants someone to cook him dinner.

Mom cold- Plays and takes care of kids

Man cold- Sleeps on the couch

Mom cold- Cleans house

Man cold- Lays on couch while mom cleans

Mom cold- Has sex with husband even though she is very sick

Man cold- says he’s to sick to have sex

Mom cold- Waits a week to see a doctor

Man cold- Goes to doctor at the first sniffle


Why do men always have to think they’re sicker than they really are?



  1. talinan Said:

    Why do they have to be such selfish babies?

  2. Heidi Said:

    Because men are complete AHOLES!!!!

    Can you tell S and I are arguing?!

  3. Memarie Lane Said:

    Brad not only does all that, he lays there and literally MOANS and GROANS as though he’s being tortured. All because he has a runny nose or a sore throat. He actually held up better healing from his vasectomy than he does when he’s sick.

  4. Momisodes Said:

    Doesn’t it make you shudder at the thought of them ever being pregnant?

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