Where babies come from

I’m pretty sure every parent dreads there kids asking,” Where do babies come from?” I know I have been going over the answer to this question in my head since the night I found out I was pregnant. Chris prefers the direct approach, where I like to beat around the bush and make up something funny so my kid looks like a dumb ass out in public if the subject ever comes up. But seriously, Aidan did all the hard work for me on this one. He came up with his own answer. And well… I’m going with what he has to say! Makes sense to me. 

Me: “Aidan do you think Mama and Daddy should have another baby?”

Aidan “Ya!”

Me: “Do you want a sister?”‘

Aidan: “Ya! You going to go get it from Petsmart?”

Hmmm, Petsmart? How did he come up with that? We got out cat Monkey form PetsMart back in October, so I think that’s where he thinks that you go buy family members? To make things even more fun, here’s how our family was formed:

Aidan “Mama, did Daddy get you from Costco?”

Me: “Ya, sure! Daddy likes his women in bulk?”

Aidan “And you got me from Petsmart!”

Me: (very puzzled) “Um? ok.”

Aidan: “And you got Meim (that’s how he says Liam) from Petsmart too!”

Me: “Uh ha!” “Where did Daddy come from?”

Aidan: “Grammy and Poppi’s house!”

So, with that conversation the whole “where do babies come from” question was settled! My kid is a genius! I can’t wait till he starts school and tells the teacher that one!!!



  1. Aww that is lovely. He’s cut out all the work for you.
    When I have mine, I’m sticking with the stork. Worked for me 🙂 Didn’t figure it out until 6th grade sex ed. That was an interesting day.

  2. Sarah Said:

    oh man that’ll be funny!!! especially since he see’s chris as the only normal born person in your house! lol aidan is such a funny kid!!

  3. talinan Said:

    Awe, little Aidan has been “consumer brainwashed” at such a young age!! What? That is the “hippy” thing to say right?

    Too freaking cute though! Oh and guess who felt the baby move for the firts time on saturday. It was craziness, so amazing!

  4. Pat Thomas Said:

    That has to be one of the funniest things i’ve read in awhile. I love it! I still remember when i was about Aidan’s age, maybe a little older(cuz I could read), and I saw our dogs “stuck” together. My parents were like…”ummmmm…Here is a book that will explain everything. Read this! lol (they’d bought a children’s book called “Where did I come from?”)” And THAT is how I learned about the birds & the bees…LOL…aw man. Anyways, keep the blog up…I hope all is well…Take care

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