Where are my manners at?

So… Being a stay at home mom has had it’s perks! But in doing so I have lost some manners.Awhile back Chris took us to for dinner. Me being the simple one I chose In & Out burger! Man I love my burgers! We were in the middle of eating when I guess I leaned over and totally ripped ass! I didn’t even notice that I had done it tell Chris turned red and looked at me funny.

Then I said “Did I just fart?”

He was like “Yeah!”.


I forgot that when your out in public your not appose to do things like that. Then the funny part was Aidan yelled “Mama pooped!”. I guess that when he poops he lets it rip? Im guessing he thought cause I made that noise I must have pooped in my pants just like he does! Oh man, not only was it loud, but it smelt so bad. It was like a pregnant fart! And only a woman that’s been pregnant can tell you how bad those are. 

Have any of you done anything along those lines?

Spill! I wanna hear your funny stories!


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