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Where babies come from

I’m pretty sure every parent dreads there kids asking,” Where do babies come from?” I know I have been going over the answer to this question in my head since the night I found out I was pregnant. Chris prefers the direct approach, where I like to beat around the bush and make up something funny so my kid looks like a dumb ass out in public if the subject ever comes up. But seriously, Aidan did all the hard work for me on this one. He came up with his own answer. And well… I’m going with what he has to say! Makes sense to me. 

Me: “Aidan do you think Mama and Daddy should have another baby?”

Aidan “Ya!”

Me: “Do you want a sister?”‘

Aidan: “Ya! You going to go get it from Petsmart?”

Hmmm, Petsmart? How did he come up with that? We got out cat Monkey form PetsMart back in October, so I think that’s where he thinks that you go buy family members? To make things even more fun, here’s how our family was formed:

Aidan “Mama, did Daddy get you from Costco?”

Me: “Ya, sure! Daddy likes his women in bulk?”

Aidan “And you got me from Petsmart!”

Me: (very puzzled) “Um? ok.”

Aidan: “And you got Meim (that’s how he says Liam) from Petsmart too!”

Me: “Uh ha!” “Where did Daddy come from?”

Aidan: “Grammy and Poppi’s house!”

So, with that conversation the whole “where do babies come from” question was settled! My kid is a genius! I can’t wait till he starts school and tells the teacher that one!!!


Sick baby

Hey everyone,

Just jotting down a quick note. Liam has pneumonia, so blogging is at a hult till he’s feeling better. He’s only letting me hold, and take care of him. Im only able to write this cause he’s sleeping next to me right now.


Hope every one is doing well!

Go Cards!

Today suuuucks…

Have you ever herd your kids call your name in the middle of the night and just ignored their calls? Well, that’s what I did at 5:20 am this morning, and I wish I hadn’t!

Aidan: “MAMA”

Me: (In my head) Ignore him.


Me: Still not going to answer him.

Aidan starts making spitting and choking sounds. So Chris gets up.

Aidan: “Daddy, I barf.”

Chris: “I see that.”

We get him cleaned up. Not 20 minutes later he throws up all over his bedroom floor, so I get that mess all cleaned up. Chris goes and gets him a pan to puke “in just in case“. Guess what? Aidan’s scared of the pan. Wanna know why? It’s black! WTF? He loves black women, but not black pans? He doesn’t mind that I cook in it, but he doesn’t want it in his bed.

Needless to say. It’s only 11:39am, and I feel like I’ve been thrown the ringer.

Side note~ Aidan asked for Mac n’ Cheese for dinner last night. Once I made it he didn’t want it anymore. So I made him sit there and eat half of it. I will NEVER ever make my kids eat if they don’t want to ever again… I know that me making him eat that Mac n’ Cheese is what made him sick. I am so mad at myself for doing that to him.

Ya, I fixed the toilet!

I truly am the lady of the house! Really, I am! There are three human males, one male cat, and one male beta fish. You would think that with all the wieners in my house things would get fixed. NOOOOOOOO! Nothing gets fixed around here unless I do it.

I have a semi-photographic memory. I don’t even know if that’s a word? But basically if I take something apart I can usually fix it and put it back together better than new! The dishwasher, garbage disposal, vacuums, my DVR box, and tonight the toilet.

Our toilet upstairs hasn’t been flushing right since before halloween. Well my friends, I took the tank apart and now it’s flushing like it’s never flushed before! Actually, probably better than before. It has more wooossshhhh than a movie theater bathroom.

I was so stinkin’ happy that I got it to flush right I screamed and did a happy dance around the bathroom! Then I had to call Chris up to rub it in that I can fix things, and he cant! Nener nener!!!

So? How much do you think I could get paid to fix toilets? Maybe, just maybe, I could make a living doing that? Or not… I dont think I’d like seeing other peoples poop. 

Yeah! The maddness is over!

I took yesterday off from blogging! I know I said “Thirty blogs in thirty days”, but I have  a slight feeling that the blogisphear might understand that yesterday was Christmas.

It’s been a very calm day around here so I thought I share the few funny things that happened around our house today!

Aidan hasn’t been feeling too well. Sad I know, but its kinda nice to have him lay around on the couch all day. He woke up around 2 am this morning with a “crying nose”. Which is his version of  a runny nose. That kid just cracks me up. Then when he woke up I told him “Good morning baby boy, I love you very much! You know that?” “Yes Mama! It’s cause you got me at PetSmart!”. Um? Not really? But if thats what helps yo cope with this crazy and scary world, then Ill let you think that!

And the sun comes up… Again!

Aidan is now sleeping in a big boy bed. And with this has stemmed a whole new set of bed time problems. We put him to bed at 8, at 8:30 he screams hungry, 9 we put him back to bed after his snack. We then pray that he stays there till morning! He knows that he can’t get out of bed until the sun comes up.

Today it was pretty cloudy so he got kind of confused. He knew it was morning, but couldn’t see the sun. So around 7:30am he came and climbed into bed with me. Here’s how our morning went.

Aidan: “Mama, I woke up!”

Me: “Ug… The sun’s not awake yet.”

Aidan: “Can I snuggle with you?”

Me: “Sure.”

Aidan climes into bed next to me. I finely drift back off to sleep.

Aidan: “G’ Norning Mama! The sun woke up!”

Me: “Huh?”

Aidan: “Lets go play!”

Only a kid can hit the floor running.

Beans and weiners

Has anyone ever notice the fascination that boys have with their junk? I don’t know if its genetic or not?  Chris holds his as if it might get up and run off. Aidan thinks it’s ok to play with his till he says “Look my wiener is big!”. I just roll my eyes at him and say “Boy you’re going to make your fingers turn green if you keep doing that.” And guess what? Liam didn’t even know that he had a set till the other night. We were getting ready to give them a bath, and we were all standing in the bathroom when Liam looked at Aidan and said “Balls!”. Wow, he’s quite a genius! Then Chris had this bright idea to tell him he had his own pair! Oh man Liam got so excited!
I just don’t get it what is so special about playing with your self all day? Maybe cause I don’t do it? I don’t know, but there are far better things to do with my hands than keep them down my pants for the better part of the day (and night for that matter).

Does anyone else have this problem with their boyfriend, husband or little boys?