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What’s in a family?

What’s in a family?

To me the meaning of “family” is a group of people that you can be yourself around. People who love you unconditionally, no matter what. Lately I’ve been asking myself this question, aren’t those the people that you want around you when things get tough?

Does it really matter if you have a single mom raising her children, a dad and his life partner with their kid(s), or growing up with two moms? There are the families who can’t get pregnant so they adopt or choose to have their babies made in a lab. In all those scenarios the parents love their kids and they deserve a family. A happy family.

I found this on a fellow bloggers site ( and wanted to share it with all of you. It’s an attack against Campbells soup for an add that they ran.

Campbell’s Soup by the American Family Association after the soup company produced a series of ads featuring two lesbian moms that ran in the Advocate. Recently, the AFA has been urging its supporters to find out if their child’s school participates in Campbell’s 30-year-old “Labels for Education” program. Through this program, Campbell’s has donated over $100 million worth of educational equipment and supplies to schools. Schools receive this aid in exchange for labels from Campbell’s products. The AFA suggests that parents should ask schools to stop participating in the program because Campbell’s “openly supports homosexual marriage.” (Never mind that marriage is never mentioned in the ads, and the ads were targeted at an LGBT audience. It shouldn’t even matter if they were in a mainstream publication.)

Really, AFA? Campbell’s is donating money to help schools and you don’t want us to buy Campbell’s products all because of an ad on TV? Maybe the two women were friends? Sisters? Cousins? What is this world coming to when TV ads become justification for hate?


New TV!

As many of you may know I am a huge TV buff! I can’t get enough of it! Thank god Im a stay at home mom, cause I get to watch it all day (wel,l more like glance at it)! And what I can’t watch my DVR catches, and I watch it once the boys go to bed. Man, I really love the person that invented the DRV (bet it was a woman that hated missing her shows)!

Back in October the TV in our bedroom went out. At least we thought it did. One day it just stopped working, then last week Chris was messing around with it and got it to work again! Ya, cause I love laying in bed at night watch Jay and Conan!

Every Sunday we do dinner with my in-laws! We didn’t have a chance to go to their house on Christmas to open presents, so we did it tonight! After dinner Chris was called into the kitchen, then a few minutes later I was. Much to my surprise there was a brand new 20″ flat screen sitting on the floor for us! YA! My husbands parents know what’s important to me in life, my TV’s!

We got it home, hooked it up and got the 2nd DVR ( yes, we have 2 DVR’s) and now I am perched on my bed watching TV and blogging!

My life is pretty much perfect!